The Art of Techorating With Electronic Signage Boards

Techorating might sound like a typo or a word just invented for this blog post, but we promise it’s real! This term, a play on the word “decorating,” was coined by Doug Wilson in 2008. It is a particularly useful concept to be familiar with today, as more and more technology is being integrated into homes around the world. Everything from televisions to home assistants to smart appliances are becoming mainstays in the houses of many savvy individuals. As these technologies become more affordable, the number of people utilizing modern tech in their homes is increasing by the day. So what, exactly, is techorating, and how can you integrate it into your next home makeover?

So What Is It?

Techorating is the art of finding a balance between the best of home décor and the best of home technologies. As with any other kind of home design, the possibilities and applications of techoration are endless. The goal, however, is to find a balance between your design and your technology, allowing your gadgets to fit seamlessly in with the rest of your home.

Technology As Art

Here’s the part you’ve all been waiting for—the most fun and unique ideas to transform your living space into a comfortable (but still futuristic) lounge. Try a few of the following suggestions, and you’ll be surprised at how even small changes can drastically update your home.

  • Electronic signage boards aren’t just for advertising! It’s possible to use these LED signs in thousands of creative ways within your home. Whether you want to brighten your kitchen with a custom message or spice up your man cave with something that will give all your buddies a laugh, electronic signage boards offer flexibility and customization like no other.
  • • Most new commercial LED backlit LCD monitors now come with built in coaxial tv tuners as well as HDMI inputs so they can be used easily used as televisions when they are not being used to display dynamic digital content.
  • • Techoration can be as flamboyant or as subtle as you want it to be. For example, utilizing your space in smart, effective ways while keeping the rooms in your house up to date with the newest technology.

Not Just Your Home!

There are just as many ways to techorate your business or retail space as there are to upgrade your home, which means that the techorating trend will only continue to grow.

So what are you waiting for? Whether for your business or your own house, start planning your next upgrade today, and don’t forget to grab a few Programmable Led Sign from us, AD Systems, to really make your space pop.