LED Window Signs

AD SYSTEMS LED Window Series is the perfect on-premise signage for street-level retail locations, shopping centers, banks, and convenience stores. The vivid, moving text messages and graphic animations are designed to catch the eye of impulse shoppers and bring them into the retail location. The moving text messages can be seen and read from the sidewalk or from passing traffic. What’s more, the brilliant message is bright enough to be seen even in the glare of the afternoon sun.

With our LED Window Signs, your message will come alive with the intensity of the brightest diodes available today. AD System’s LED Window Signs are easy to install, user-programmable, and are backed by a One Year Warranty. Our new full matrix indoor window signs are designed to fit between many common window mullion widths for a seamless image. Both portrait and landscape orientation displays are available to fit a wide range of window opening sizes. This series features a high brightness level of 6,000 Nits to shine through glazed glass and window tint ensuring your message is visible to your audience. 

Indoor LED Window Signs
LED Model LED Color Brightness (Nits) Cabinet Dimensions Display Cost
AW96x64RGB Red, Green, Blue 6,000 29.8" H x 20.5" L $3,195
AW128x64RGB Red, Green, Blue 6,000 39.8" H x 20.5" L $3,795
AW32x96RGB Red, Green, Blue 6,000 10.7" H x 29.8" L $2,095
AW64x96RGB Red, Green, Blue 6,000 20.5" H x 29.8" L $3,195
AW64x128RGB Red, Green, Blue 6,000 20.5" H x 39.8" L $3,795
AW32x160RGB Red, Green, Blue 6,000 10.7" H x 49.5" L $2,795

*Custom sizes are also available at no additional cost