Company Overview

ADSYSTEMS designs, manufactures, installs, and services Automated Display Systems throughout the world. Every day millions of people count on AD SYSTEMS displays for information and entertainment.

As our name implies, AD SYSTEMS offers a total “systems” approach to serving our clients’ needs. We provide fully integrated communications and identity solutions. Every facet of a client’s project from image design to product engineering, project management, manufacturing, installation, and maintenance can be provided in a total package solution from one company. AD SYSTEMS is committed to forming a partnership with our customers as their total advertising, communications, and identity solutions supplier. We work with our customers to choose the most appropriate display for their particular application.

Amazing Color Depth

Proper LED selection and binning LEDs by color and brightness provide a more consistent image with accurate color representation.

On-Time Delivery 

Many of our standard products are in stock for immediate shipment. Delivery on custom products normally takes 6-8 weeks to build depending on current backlog levels.

Customer Loyalty 

Our outdoor LED signs have a life expectancy of around 12 years. Year after year, our customers come back to us when their LED signs need replacement or to add LED signs to other business locations and new construction projects.

Rock Solid Products

AD SYSTEMS manufactures LED displays that can withstand the extreme forces of Mother Nature: desert heat, torrential rains, high winds, snow, and ice. Our signs are built using a combination of steel, stainless steel, and aluminum for the cabinet with dense polymer PCB panels for the face of the display. Our LED signs usually fare better than their surrounding buildings and sign canopies. We’ve had instances were tornados have ripped off the roof of buildings and our LED signs remained unaffected and did not experience any damage or outage.

5 Year Warranty

AD SYSTEMS standard warranty on all of our outdoor signs is 5 years. We also offer extended warranties of up to 7 years for a nominal charge relative to the cost of the display. Contact us today for details.

Competitive Pricing

For years AD SYSTEMS has offered great products at competitive prices. Our track record of delivering high-quality products together with increasing sales help us keep our prices down. Forward us your competitor’s quote and we can usually meet or beat their prices on a comparable domestic made product.