ProVISION Monochrome LED Signs

AD Systems ProVISION Monochrome Displays

AD SYSTEMS ProVISION Monochrome series LED signs are the classic monochrome LED signs seen for 20 years in countless venues across the U.S. The ProVISION Monochrome LED signs display text messages and/or basic graphics in 256 shades of RED or AMBER.

Choose from three of the most popular pitches depending on the desired amount of graphics detail and the targeted viewing distance. ProVISION 22mm and 34mm monochrome models are in stock and available now. ProVISION 16mm pitch models are coming soon. Some pitches are available on a custom basis in white monochrome. Contact us for details.

Traditional “Picture Frame” Design

Highest Resolutions + Brightest LEDs = Best Graphics Quality

  • More Pixels for tightest 16mm in the industry: 15.85 mm
  • Blackest background and individual LED louvers make graphics pop
  • Ultra-High brightness versions of some pitches are available for locations with challenging sun exposures.

New ProFlex Cabinet Design

Available in two cabinet design options:

  • A sleek, 5” deep cabinet for displays upto 7”
  • 1.5” side borders on the face of the display
  • For larger sectional projects, an angled bezel border that makes the cabinet appear narrower

Resolution (Pitch) Comparison

Dependable by Design

Designed to be Efficient
  • Just the right brightness level with a high contrast surface
  • Efficient LEDs demand less energy
  • Louvers and ribbing in the module face maximize LED efficiency
Designed for Lasting Performance
  • Completely sealed components keeping Mother Nature Out
  • Signal redundancy ensuring your messages keep running
Tested For Reliability
  • Testing throughout development ensures a dependable final product
  • Tested to its limits in our state-of-the-art reliability lab

Simple Installation And Service

Quick Install

  • Quick connections offer plug-and-play capability
  • External junction box for easy power connection
  • Mounting hardware on the back of the display provides for easy installation
  • Front Access Maintenance simplifies service

Easy Service

If your sign ever needs maintenance or service, technicians can easily access the components with our front access maintenance design now standard on our outdoor product line. U.S. based parts and customer service agents assure that parts are received and replaced in a timely manner. Our signs now feature built-in diagnostic tools in the software suite.

Most Popular ProVision Stock Sizes

ProVision 22mm
Matrix LED Configuration Approximate Cabinet Size Brightness (Nits) # LEDs per face
16x96 Red 2 1' 6 1/2" x 7' 4" 7,000 3,072
32x96 Red 2 2' 10" x 7' 5 1/2" 7,000 6,144
32x104 Amber 2 2' 8 1/2" x 7' 10 3/4" 7,000 6,656
ProVISION 34mm
Matrix LED Configuration Approximate Cabinet Size Brightness (Nits) # LEDs per face
16x80 Red 4 2' 2" x 9' 4" x 5" 5,500 3,840
16x80 Amber 4 2' 2" x 9' 4" x 5" 5,500 3,840
24x80 Amber 4 3' 1" x 9' 4" x 5" 5,500 5,760

*Custom sizes are also available at no additional cost