Digital Scoreboards

Don’t miss any touchdowns, runs or hard-hitting tackles with AD SYSTEMS LED video displays. LED video displays show dynamic live video, video advertisements, custom animations with logos and other graphics, up-to-the-minute sports statistics, timing and results information and more. With a line of products for a field of any size, contact us today to learn how to fit video displays into your venue and budget.

Create a home team advantage with exciting live video, replays and graphics.

Utilize digital technology for your sponsorship program and rotate through more advertisers and sponsors.

Use statistics programs to provide real-time graphics, visually showing interesting game-in-progress information.

We offer both full matrix LED signs that can be used as a virtual scoreboard or a monitor as well as traditional scoreboards with discrete digits for specific sports combinations (EX: Volleyball/Basketball).


From Little League to the professionals, baseball fans want to be a part of the action and they crave information. Only AD SYSTEMS LED can help you give your fans the ultimate experience. With unlimited options in scoring, messaging and video you can incorporate real-time data with amazing graphics, images and live video, all while providing the essential game information on your scoreboard.


Use LED technology to create your own home court advantage at your after-school youth leagues or even the bright lights of professional basketball. Basketball fans demand more statistics and in-depth knowledge of each team’s performance more than ever before. AD SYSTEMS LED can deliver that information as it happens.


On any given night, thousands of football games are being played throughout America. AD SYSTEMS LED is the only company that can bring the ultimate game-day experience to football fans everywhere. AD SYSTEMS’ wide variety of scoreboards show the details clearly while LED displays bring the game to life, giving fans the information and entertainment they crave.

Use the links below to see the many ways to use LED technology to boost revenue and get your fans into the game – all with the ability to scale up or down to best fit your facility.

LED Video Displays

Add an AD SYSTEMS LED video display to your outfield for dynamic live video, dazzling graphics, custom animation, full-color graphics and logos, up-to-the-minute sports statistics, timing and results information, and more.

Fans will be wowed with game replays, fun promotions and stat graphics.

LED video technology gives you a flexible sponsorship program, adding revenue.

Use statistics programs to provide real-time graphics, visually showing interesting game-in-progress information.

Run live video to make sure every seat is the best seat in the house.



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