Programming Your LED Sign for Christmas

The Christmas season can be one of the busiest and most rewarding times of the year for businesses. It’s difficult for brick-and-mortar businesses to set themselves apart from each other and still compete with online businesses. If you have a programmable LED sign for your business, it can be a fun and effective way to call attention to your business during the Christmas shopping season. AdSystemsLED sells signs that can help you stand out among your competition. These are a few suggestions of how to use your LED signs to show your holiday spirit:

Indoor Window Display

This window display is extremely economical and budget friendly for ground level businesses. But it only displays text messages, and that limitation can be intimidating to some business owners. To catch a customer’s attention, you can use phrases that have a holiday flair while still delivering your message.

  • • Snow Sale! 50%!!
  • • Santa Claus Discount!
  • • Merry Sales!

All of these phrases express a type of holiday cheer while also advertising that your prices have dropped for a limited time during the holidays. For example, the snow sale may only be active while snow is actively falling in your area. The Santa Claus discount could be a discount on all items with a Santa Claus sticker on the tag. Merry Sales expresses joy to your customers. These types of marketing strategies are fun for customers. They’re creative, and customers are more likely to spread the word about your sales themselves. There are many creative and effective options with text displays. Your programmable LED sign can show your holiday cheer and spread a message as well.

The ProColor Full Color

This sign is our best deal for businesses who need to stay within a certain budget but need a versatile sign that has a lot of image options. With this sign, clipart, animations, and moving text is possible. Advertising holiday sales and Christmas themed merchandise with this display can capture the attention of your customers with very little effort.

The ProColor Full Color is excellent for schools who want to display images and information pertaining to school hours around the holidays.

Churches also favor this sign because of its reasonable price and image options. For example, churches who host Christmas programs and parties use this type of sign to let the public know about their holiday activities, worship hours, and holiday charity projects.

AdSystemsLED provides programmable LED signs to help your business have an advantage during the holiday season. Fill out our Sales Inquiry Form for more information about what we can provide for you!