Preparing for the Holidays with Electronic Digital Signage

With the Christmas season approaching quickly, many businesses are trying to find ways to enhance the look of their stores. One way to enhance the look of your store is by using electronic digital signage. Many stores use electronic or LED signs for eye catching displays and flashes of color. Here are three ways that you can use electronic digital signage to boost your sales:

Clipart and Animations

You can stand out among your competition by using clipart and animations on your electronic signage. AdSystems LED has a variety of signage that uses the full color spectrum with various transitions between images. Some of the clipart or animations that you may want to use for a holiday sale could include images of snowmen, snowflakes, Christmas trees, the Menorah, or Kwanzaa symbols. People who are familiar with the images that you are displaying outside of your store are more likely to look at your merchandise or inquire about your services.

Advertise Discounts

Everyone likes to see the word “SALE” in front of a store. The holiday season is an excellent time to have a sale. Even small businesses will participate in Black Friday sales, when a majority of people are shopping for holiday gifts. Advertising discounts in local newspapers, on television, and online can be very helpful because many people will create an itinerary of the stores that they want to visit on Black Friday. If you include your sale in the newspaper, and people believe that they can find good deals in your store, they may visit you. But some shoppers don’t plan to visit specific stores and will instead visit a few shopping centers to try and find the best deals that weren’t advertised so heavily. With some electronic digital signage on your store front, you can advertise directly to people who are nearby.

Your Social Media Pages

If you own a small business, your social media profiles are the best advertisement tools that you have. The majority of social media is free, and posting pictures of new merchandise or advertising your new services is an invaluable marketing tool. A PROvision single color electronic sign above your front door can display your social media handles to everyone who enters your store or simply passes by your front door. Naturally, you’ll want your social media pages advertised on your business cards, but displaying them on your outdoor electronic digital signage will reach a broader audience.

AdSystemsLED has a large variety of signs that are designed to fit your business needs and budget. Our products will capture the attention of customers.