Advertising with Your Own Outdoor LED Store Front Signs

The sign on the front of your business is an important marketing tool. Many business owners design their storefront to give customers an idea of what type of merchandise or services they sell. A flat plywood sign or punched metal sign is sufficient for most business, but stagnant images don’t always catch a customer’s eye. Your store front gives a customer a first impression about your business, and outdoor LED signs for businesses definitely attract more attention.

After Hours

Marketing a small business may not be very difficult, due to tools such as social media or online giveaways, but it’s still very time consuming. Even when you’re store isn’t open, advertising is still a huge part of making sure that your customers are aware of your presence. With an outdoor LED sign for your business, you can advertise 24/7, including your business hours or holiday sales. At night, a painted plywood sign or punched metal is not easily seen. An outdoor LED sign for your business will grab the attention of people who are passing by, even if they are only looking at your sign to find the source of light. Some businesses will install lights around their flat signs to help customers find the store at nighttime, but that requires electrical installation and maintenance for when the light bulbs fail. LED signs require less time and maintenance.

Changing Images

A traditional sign for your store front is an investment. You need to be comfortable with your design before you make your purchase. But if you change your mind about that image, it will cost your business money to replace it. Outdoor LED signs for businesses have enough variety that you could change the image or the message of your business year round, which is especially important during the holidays.

During the holidays, decorating a storefront attracts more customers. Most people enjoy visiting a store that shows holiday spirit. If your storefront doesn’t have much flexibility for decoration, for example, if you do not have large storefront windows, an outdoor LED sign could help you display your Christmas sales. A ProVideo High Definition Color display will allow you to display designs that you’ve purchased or created yourself to show your holiday cheer.

AdSystemsLED sells a variety of outdoor LED signs to businesses of all sizes. During the holiday season, having a store front which attracts customers is critical, and we have many bright and merry signs which will fit your business and budget.