4 Ways to Transform Your Digital Menu Displays for the Holidays

Digital displays are changing the way restaurants market to their customers. But there’s no reason to limit the changes to your storefront signs. Still work with traditional menu boards? Consider the merits of taking your menus to another level for the holidays by going for digital menu displays.

Special prices and discount offers

A lot of restaurants offer set menus for a special price during the holiday season. This is a fantastic way to get customers to try your complete meals. And what better way to let new customers and regulars know about these menus than through the use of your digital display? With digital displays, you won’t have to take down your menu or put up a new sign that you’re only going to use for weeks or a month. Digital displays are easy to change and these changes come at no extra cost.

Gift cards

You can easily extend your holiday sales into the new year by encouraging customers to bring in friends and family members to your restaurant. Offer gift cards discounts. You can put in a bit of detail about those gift cards on your digital menu. Done right, it could easily call the attention of your customers who won’t be able to resist getting a few of those gift cards right off the bat.

Holiday events

December is the perfect month to promote special events with plenty of people meeting up for get-togethers with colleagues and loved ones. And what better way to contribute to your promotional efforts than by transforming your digital menu displays for the holidays? Use just the right touch and your customers will feel the warm fuzzies and holiday cheer of the season. That’s going to put them in the best mood to enjoy your holiday meals, offers and treats.

Holiday meals

The best menus are engineered and designed to lead customers to the food you want them to choose, says TigerChef. Your digital menu shouldn’t be any different. From the layout to the concept, your digital display can help you direct customers’ attention and interest to your signature dishes with some holiday twist added to your star offerings for the season. It’s the best way to rack up sales when you introduce your limited edition drinks, meal sets or dishes.

Stop using boring menus that do nothing to improve your sales. Boost your bottom line with the right display. Call us at AD SYSTEMS to order your displays today.